My work is about what I think and believe.  I think life is a continuation of moments and there are moments that we especially remember.  The moments I especially remember are the ones that made me happy or enraptured, and I remember those memories as beautiful.  All of those moments are motives of my work.


There are some things that always bring me joy: a baby's smile, a child's laughter, a bird's chirping, and my favorite food - ice cream.  I also feel happy, enraptured, and purified when I look at beautiful things such as a bouquet of flowers, colorful autumn leaves, the clear blue sky with dazzlingly white clouds, glistening waves of the ocean, and the countless numbers of stars in the night sky.  That is why I believe beautiful thinks have the power of enchantment to pacify and purify people's mind.

Philosopher Immanuel Kant stated that in the act of experiencing beauty, we are conscious of the fact that our mind is being ennobled.  Furthermore, according to Dave Hickey, the author of The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty, beautiful artwork induces a kind of therapeutic libertarianism, forcing the viewers to make moral decisions without recourse to cultural or political absolutes.  It appears to me that they believe a utopian society is achievable by experiencing beauty.  I agree with their idea that aesthetic liberalism offers the image of a better life, and I believe art is an activity that evokes aesthetic.  Therefore, I believe art can help members of a society establish a better life, making a better society.  As an artist who desires to contribute to make a better world, I choose to make visual reminders of the moments in my life, which I experience as beautiful.  I hope my work can offer viewers the opportunity to revisit their own happy memories and experience their beauty.

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